This blog contains dr. Federica Fusina's translations of a selection of ventilab.it (a blog created by dr. Giuseppe Natalini and friends)'s posts. You can click here for more info. Happy reading!

Welcome to the world of ventilab

January 22, 2022

This blog is born from the desire to make ventilab's contents available worldwide.

It contains my translations of posts from the original ventilab blog. As you might now, the posts in Italian are over 200: I will keep on adding content (both new posts as they are published and old ones) as time goes on, hopefully managing to make all posts available in time.

If you have interest in a specific post, please let me know via email (ventilabinternational@gmail.com).

Comments to posts are deeply welcome: I hope interesting discussions on mechanical ventilation can be born here also, as is the case for the Italian blog.

Translations have not been reviewed by the authors of the original posts, and any mistakes are solely my responsibility.

Happy reading :)


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