This blog contains dr. Federica Fusina's translations of a selection of ventilab.it (a blog created by dr. Giuseppe Natalini and friends)'s posts. You can click here for more info. Happy reading!

About me

January 22, 2022

 Federica Fusina 

I am an Anaesthesia and Intensive Care Physician and mother of two.

I was born in Italy and learned English as a child when I moved with my family to the United States for one year. 

I completed my medical training in Verona, Italy and started working in Fondazione Poliambulanza Hospital in Brescia, Italy in 2018. 

For the past five years, I have had the privilege to work with an amazing group of people, and developed a special interest in mechanical ventilation and respiratory mechanics. 

I recently started a PhD on Mechanical Ventilation with Amsterdam's Doctoral School, under the supervision of Prof. Heunks, dr. Tuinman and dr. Pisani.

My publications are available here.

I created this blog with the hope of making contents of ventilab, a project started in 2010 by dr. Giuseppe Natalini and and friends, available to as many people as possible, worldwide. 

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